Who has an electric bike? I’m wondering if I should get one.

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    I’m wondering if I should get an electric bike to go to work instead of using my car… Work isn’t too far from my home, but I always seem to get caught in traffic and I hate it. I feel like if I had an electric bike, I could make it to work without wasting my time…

    But I don’t know anything about electric bikes, apart from the fact they have a motor that helps you pedal. Do you have one, and can you tell me a few things about electric bikes?


    I bought one a few years ago because I had some serious pain in my knee, which made it difficult to use my regular bike.

    Now my knee is doing fine, but I just love my electric bike so I wouldn’t go back to my old one! So one thing you have to know about electric bikes is that you can pedal just like you would with a normal bike, or you can turn on the motor which will assist you while you pedal, and make it easier to go up hills. So since you’re thinking about buying an electric bike to commute, you’d be able to get to work without breaking a sweat, which is great!


    I know there are many models of electric bikes on the market, some are very expensive, others are affordable. Some are very heavy, others are lighter. Some have longer battery life…

    So if you decide to buy an electric bike, it’s important to be clear on what you want, so the person you speak with at the store can help you choose the right one. If you think you’ll only be using your electric bike to get to work, you can probably go with a lighter, more streamlined model than if you wanted to ride it on trails or up mountains.


    That’s a good tip, thank you! I think I’d only use my electric bike to commute. I don’t even own a normal bike right now, so I think I’d be fine with a simple, affordable model.


    I have an electric bike, I got it from Scooteretti! They’re based in Ontario, and I like that they can repair all the electric bikes they sell. They also stock parts, so it can be very convenient if I have an issue with my bike!

    One reason why electric bikes are awesome is that you don’t need any license or insurance to ride them. So owning an electric bike is a bit like owning a motorbike, but less expensive, more sleek, more elegant… less noisy, and it doesn’t create any pollution.

    All you need to do is charge your battery when it’s low, and then you’re good to go!


    That sounds great! But what about the battery, how long does it last before you need to charge it again? And how long does it take to charge it?


    Oh, that really depends on the model you buy, there’s no single answer to this question.

    My battery takes 5 hours to fully charge, and then I can use my electric bike for a couple of days before I need to charge it again. And I’ve heard that a battery can last many years before it starts losing its power, and you need to buy a new one.


    Ok, thanks. So if I buy an electric bike and use it to commute everyday, I’ll have to buy a new battery eventually. I didn’t know that…


    Yeah, but you’ll be good for a couple of years, and it’s still a great investment compared to having to put gas in your car’s tank.

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