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    I recently met a girl and I really like her! The problem is that I have never given a girl flowers before… *blushes*

    What types of flowers do girls like? I understand that flowers have meanings. I don’t want to come off looking stupid, even though I probably am!


    I think girls just love getting flowers, so just relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Does she know that you like her, or are you confessing your love to her for the first time?


    Well, I wouldn’t say that I was confessing my ‘love’ for her – it might be a little too early for that, haha.

    I think we’re on the same page with our feelings towards each other, but I just want to be the one to initiate the first move.


    In that case, red roses are always a favourite. What girl doesn’t want to get red roses? Red roses are arguably the most romantic to give a girl.

    I don’t know if you can do this, but why not have a single red rose delivered to her? If that doesn’t impress her, nothing will!


    I read somewhere that pink roses are probably the best for girlfriends and other women you know. I always thought it was red, personally.

    Red roses are SO cliched. Pink roses are beautiful and the much better option. If you think pink roses are way too bold, why don’t you send her a mixed bouquet, including pink roses?


    I occasionally send my wife roses through King West Flowers. I know she loves them. I think girls just love roses.

    I mean, come on, even us guys are struck by the beauty of roses right? I have them delivered, sometimes while I am there! I use their online store to send other gifts as well.


    My ex-girlfriend used to love orchids. She loved roses too, plus one or two others (sorry, can’t remember). I think orchids signify beauty, love, refinement and charm.

    Maybe it was just that it was her favourite flower, I don’t know. But she loved orchids so I made sure to get her orchids for many special occasions.


    I know a few girls who happen to love white lilies. They are indeed lovely flowers. You could try it once and see if she likes it.

    I think it all depends. Maybe get her different ones now and then and see how she reacts to each one. You will soon find out which is her favourite.


    I remember once asking the girl at the counter this same question when I went to a flower shop. She mentioned roses, but I remember her mentioning daisies too. I think daisies signify lasting happiness, purity and innocence. I think it also signifies other things, so you may want to check up more on that.

    Apparently, in that particular flower shop, they used to get a lot of orders for daisies. It was quite a popular seller, so I’m assuming girls like daisies.


    Tulips are pretty popular. I think they are among the most popular flowers to give girls and women. I think tulips come in different colours depending on the season.

    I think carnations are also pretty popular. I have always liked carnations myself. While they may not be the most popular to give a girl, I still think they rank pretty high.

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