What are your best summer camp memories?

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    My daughter and her best friend have been thinking about going to summer camp next summer, so I’m now researching summer camps with them.

    It made me a bit nostalgic and reminded me of all the summers I spent at camp! I had so much fun over there each year, swimming in a beautiful lake, sharing a cabin with friends and making new friends, roasting marshmallows over a warm fire… I wish I was still young enough to go to summer camp!

    Have any of you ever been to summer camp, and if so, what are some of your best camp memories?


    I’ve never been to summer camp, I spent most of my summers as a teen mowing the lawn of the neighbours so I could get some money to buy clothes and candy… But I remember watching many movies where the kids were going to summer camp, and (in most movies!) it seemed like a great experience! I’m sure it’s even better in real life.


    I went to summer camp only 2 times when I was younger, and I loved it. What I loved the most about camp was meeting new people my age, making new friends, and trying new outdoor activities with them.

    In fact I went to camp 3 times, the 3rd time I was a counsellor at Camp White Pine! It was so much fun, I wish I could’ve done it more than once but many things got in the way… You know how it is, sometimes you have plans, but life has other plans for you so you just have to go with it.


    Yeah, I know that feeling…

    It must be fun working at a summer camp, but it must be exhausting work, too?


    I guess it’s not for everyone, but it was the perfect summer job for me! The kids were wonderful and the other counsellors were so friendly, I’d say it was one of the best summers of my life.


    That’s wonderful! I never really had an exciting summer job, now that I think of it…


    I met my first girlfriend at summer camp! Ok, we were both 12 years old, but we were in love and we enjoyed watching the stars together, and were writing notes to each other… It was my first romance, and it happened at summer camp. I’ll never forget it!


    That’s so sweet! I’m not too sure how I’d feel if my daughter came back from summer camp with a boyfriend, though! Well, I guess that could be cute…


    I have a lot of memories from summer camp… the best one is that the first time I went, some kids started laughing at me because I was short and very shy… I thought that my time spent at camp would be a nightmare, but finally, some older kid told these kids to leave me alone. We became good friends, and with time even a few of the kids who were first bullying me became good friends as well.

    It was very special for me because I was always dealing with bullies at school, and right there at summer camp, it was the first time an older kid cared for me and defended me. It felt amazing!


    Aw, that’s such a nice story! Summer camp does seem like a magical place where things that don’t happen at school or at home can happen, doesn’t it?


    Yeah, definitely! There’s just something special with summer camp… It’s too bad that many kids can’t afford to go, or think it will be boring and don’t want to go.

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