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    Hi. I’m thinking about coming to study in Canada, but before I make my decision I would like to know what Canadians, or international students think. What are the perks of studying in Canada? And do you need a special permit to study in Canada? Thank you in advance for your answers.


    Yeah, I do think you need a study permit, but I have no idea how it works so I can’t really help you with that.

    I’d say one of the biggest advantages of studying in Canada is that we have world-class universities and colleges, but lower tuition costs than in many other countries such as the United States. The cost of life is also less expensive than it is in many other countries, so that makes studying in Canada an interesting option for international students.


    I think Canada is a very open country, all are welcome here. There are many opportunities for everyone, and it’s possible to work while you study, so it helps pay for all your expenses.

    And I think for all students, studying in another country gives you some experience of the world, on top of studying your chosen program, you also learn a lot about the world and about yourself, you meet new people and you’re placed in different situations. It makes your time spent studying even more valuable.


    That sounds great. Were you a student in Canada?


    Yes, I’m currently studying in Canada. I needed a study permit and I got it with the help of Tiziana Aiello, an immigration lawyer in Montreal!


    Canada has some great schools, safe cities, and a good diversity.

    Many people see Canada as a friendly country where everyone is welcome, and I think studying in Canada is a good opportunity to enjoy some quality education, but also to discover what this beautiful country has to offer!


    From the pictures and videos I have seen, it is true that Canada seems to be a very beautiful country. How does it work to get a study permit? Do you really need to see an immigration lawyer?


    I think you don’t need a study permit if your program will only last 6 months or less than that. For more than 6 months, you need to apply for a study permit from the Canadian government.

    I don’t think it’s necessary to speak with an immigration lawyer to apply for your study permit, unless there’s a problem with your application, or you have questions that need clear answers as soon as possible. If there’s anything unusual about your situation, maybe it’s best to speak with an immigration lawyer.


    Thank you. Is it expensive to get a study permit to come study in Canada?


    I have no idea, but I guess it must be affordable. If you make some research online it should tell you.


    I have heard many people say that Canada loves international students, and that after they’ve completed their education, students are encouraged to stay, to contribute to society and to become permanent residents if they want to.

    So that’s an advantage for people who would like to live in Canada someday, if they come study here it should be easier for them to apply for a work permit, and then for Canadian citizenship.


    I did not know that. I don’t think I would like to become a permanent resident, but you never know where life can take you and what will happen in the future.


    That’s right! I guess many international students come to Canada to study, and love it so much that they want to stay. O’Canada! 😁

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