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    When you get an immunization vaccine, is that good for life? Where can I find more information about vaccines? It gets pretty confusing sometimes!


    Yeah, I suppose it can get confusing with so many sources of information, some of which say the complete opposite of something someone else just said.

    What is it that you want to know?


    If I got a shot a few years ago, is it good forever or do I need to go get another shot every once in a while?


    From my understanding, an immunization is not for a lifetime. You will need to find out which particular one you want to find out about.

    So, if you received an immunization vaccine for something, you may need to get another one in a few years. Check if your shots are up to date. Our immune system weakens over time.


    For older people, vaccines like the flu shot are important. This should be given every year for them. There is also a misconception that the flu shot makes you sick. This is not true. It may be side effects that will disappear.

    Some people may end up with a fever, some may feel pain at the site of the vaccine. However, it is far more beneficial to receive it than skipping it. If you need to have your shots, why don’t you try Vital Care Medical and ask them more about this topic when you are there?


    A vaccine is always tested for safety before it is used on the public. If it isn’t safe, then it will not be approved. There are vaccines that go through many years of testing before it is deemed safe enough to use.

    Even when a vaccine has been approved for use, it is constantly monitored. This is to make sure that it remains both safe and effective and no problems arise.


    Vaccines help to protect children. You may have noticed on this infomercial how medical workers vaccinate children in third-world countries. It can help to stave off diseases that these children are at risk of contracting. Even in places like Canada, parents choose to vaccinate their kids.

    Getting a vaccine-preventable disease can cause so many problems for the parents. Hospitalization may be necessary and it can also bring about death.


    Yikes! Sounds scary.

    How about getting vaccinated while you’re pregnant? Does anyone know if that’s allowed or not?


    You should check with your doctor of course, but getting vaccinated during pregnancy should be okay.

    Even when you are pregnant, vaccines can help to protect you and your baby, especially for the first few months of its life. Vaccines for whooping cough and the flu will help protect the both of you.


    Have you ever had a tetanus shot? This is an infection that can occur in several ways. I suppose some people may be more prone to it than others.

    The tetanus bacteria’s spores can be found in places such as soil, dust and animal feces. If you were unlucky enough to suffer a deep flesh wound, it can enter and produce a toxin.

    If this were to happen, your muscles could go all stiff or go into spasms. Every 10 years, you would need a booster shot. People who ended up with tetanus most likely never got their booster shot. You can even get a booster shot before 10 years. Sometimes you can’t recall when you received it. Best to get immunization shots to protect yourself and others.

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