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    What are some of the ways exhaust fans are used? I’d like to know more about exhaust fans and how/where they can be used.


    Exhaust fans help with air quality. They are important in certain industries. Remember, there will be all kinds of pollutants, allergens, moisture and dust which can cause health problems. It can also cause someone who already has problems to be affected even more. You can find exhaust fans in commercial kitchens. In fact, you may even have one in your own home. Above your stove, you may see a little grate on the wall, sucking in fumes.

    However, in a commercial kitchen, it is more important to have this. There will be many employees at various stations doing different jobs. There will be all kinds of fumes and smoke in a commercial kitchen. Sometimes, a cook may accidentally burn something. Things like a fryer will cause smoke. All this must be drawn away.

    Stuff like this are considered hazards. You can expect odours and grease in a commercial kitchen. Proper ventilation will be a regulation. Having an exhaust fan helps to reduce such hazards. People can work better when such hazards are removed.


    In many industrial settings, you can see exhaust fans because these will be part of the building codes. Some of these places may store products that need to be kept cool and dry. You may see exhaust fans in places like warehouses. With the use of such fans, you can expect production levels to be maintained at a relatively high standard.

    You need systems like this in place, otherwise the air can get stale and noxious. These fans help to keep the quality of air at a healthier level!

    If you really want to know more about exhaust fans, you should check out the website of Canarm Ltd. I know that they have high standard fans. They have been in business for many years. Call and ask them, because I am sure they can help with your facility.


    Everyone here seems to be talking about industrial settings. However, you can even see a simple example of an exhaust fan in your own bathroom. A bathroom is a place where you can expect moisture. Without giving too much information, you can also expect to have, ahem, odours as well. Let’s skip the details, shall we?

    If you take a shower, there will be a lot of condensation taking place. You will notice moisture on tiles, walls and mirrors.You may even have noticed mould spores in the bathroom. That’s why, bathrooms tend to have an exhaust fan. It helps reduce the condensation and mould growth. I have seen some bathrooms with 2 fans.


    Hospitals have a lot of exhaust fans. There may be more pollutants in a hospital setting. This makes a proper fan system even more important in a hospital setting.

    The air quality needs to be very good. Patients need to recover properly. Hospitals are not free from pollutants and allergens. If there are patients with breathing issues, imagine how worse it would be for them.

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