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    Please share your ideas on how to best use social media if you are a real estate agent. I am guilty of not taking advantage of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


    The first thing you should do is to set up a new Facebook account. Do not use your own personal account. This is for your private life and for your friends.

    You need to set up a business page. When you set it up as a business page, you will notice that you will have business-related features that you can take advantage of.

    After you set up your real estate business page, you can connect with clients and their families. Just remember, never mix a personal page with a business page.


    With a Facebook business page, you could also run popular contests. This will also help you to build better relationships with people.

    You can also run ads on your page. These can be effective and drum up more leads and business.


    You can use your social media pages to show how knowledgeable you are in your field. This will help to build a trust that can be quite powerful.

    You can show listings and also make posts about your own neighbourhood. This shows that you know your area and your stuff. It can also make you look passionate about what you do.


    Be smart with putting up relevant social media posts. For example, if your area is building a community centre, this is a golden opportunity for a pertinent post.

    You can explain how this area was crying out for one. Now that it is being built, you can explain how the community is excited about this welcome change in their neighbourhood.


    This has nothing to do with real estate, but more to do with how these things work. You need to make use of images. Whether you are posting on Facebook or on your own website, you must use images.

    Images are very powerful and tend to get better results. They can also break up the monotony of words. If all you are going to do is post words, pretty soon, people lose interest.

    It can get tiring on the eyes if they just read. A great way of breaking this up is by using relevant images. Research has shown that image use works. More people tend to click through. Image use makes each of your posts more effective.


    You should take a look at what IXACT Contact can do for your real estate business. They have software and other tools that make posting stuff easy.

    You can even automate actions. When something is made easier, it also gives you more time to move on to other things. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. Use tools to make your social media posts more successful.


    People are also interested in events in the city, so create posts that inform them about these events. You are bound to get more traffic as time goes by. These events can be about something in your city or even neighbourhood.

    Another thing you should do is to ask questions. This makes it more interactive and engaging. You get people commenting and getting involved.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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