Is white wine good for your health?

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    I have often heard that red wine is good for your heart health. What about white wine? I much prefer white wine to red. I am not drinking it for health purposes, of course. I was curious as to whether it has similar benefits.


    Imagine going to a doctor and being asked to drink 100ml. of wine every 4 hours till finished! That’s my kind of doctor. But seriously, I read an article by a doctor that claims white wine can be just as beneficial. So I would say keep enjoying your white wine, but in moderation.


    I believe it is alright for a man to have a couple of drinks a day and just one if you are a woman. Preferably, try not to drink alcohol every day, but it may be alright if you follow this principle.


    I suppose one drawback are the calories but white wine does contain antioxidants, which, of course, is a good thing. This helps fight oxidative stress. White wine may also help to reduce stress in general.

    Some of the good European wines have antioxidants that some people claim are as good as that of olive oil. I’ve also read in a health magazine that white wine is also good for heart and artery health.

    I like to get some of these good European wines online. I can research them easily and gather more information and then order in bulk.


    You order wine online? Who do you order it from? Besides, why don’t you just go to the liquor store?


    Yes, I do. I go to Sometimes I can get good deals. I can research stuff before I buy. It comes straight to my door.

    I often buy in bulk though. The liquor store near my place does not offer some of my wines. In fact, there are some beers that I like and they don’t have this either. I don’t want to go all over the place when I can just save time and do it online.


    Listen, I don’t want to send people the wrong message, but I read that it can also help with weight loss. If you drink white wine in moderation, it can help to keep you slim.

    I have no idea how true this is, but I read this in a reputable magazine. Basically, research suggests that it may play a small part in weight loss.

    I just don’t want people thinking they should drink white wine every day for this sole purpose. We know that is not how it works out. Some people may think otherwise.


    Antioxidants have good health benefits. I guess this is why wine, no matter what the colour, is good for you. This is due to the grapes. It is the skin of grapes which contain a lot of the antioxidants.

    This is why red wine is probably much better because they contain the skin. However, there are enough good properties in grapes with the skin removed. So, while white wine is good for your health, red is definitely better.

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