Is it safe to keep stuff in storage units?

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    I might need to put a few pieces of furniture and a few boxes in a storage unit for a few months… But I’m worried that it might not be a good idea. I’m wondering if my stuff would be safe, I’m afraid it could get stolen or that something bad could happen to it.

    Have you ever had a bad experience with a storage unit facility? Or do you think it’s perfectly safe to keep stuff in storage units?


    I guess it depends on the facilities you choose… I think most of them take safety very seriously, but there will always be some facility owners who just don’t care all that much.

    So it’s up to you to search for a storage unit that will be safe. Choose a reliable place.


    But how do I do that? Of course if I call them and ask if they are safe and reliable, they will all say they are… even if they’re not, right?


    Think about it… What could happen to your boxes that are locked inside a storage unit? Someone could break into your unit and steal your belongings. The facilities could catch fire. There could be water infiltration in your unit. Or there could be pests chewing on some of your stuff… I guess that’s all.

    So while searching for a safe storage unit, ask them if they have taken measures to protect their units. Ask if the property is fenced, if there is 24 hour video surveillance, and if the facilities are inspected by a pest control company.

    If they don’t seem to have any safety measures, don’t do business with them.


    I never had a bad experience with storage units. I guess as long at the place seems safe, you should be alright.


    Before my last move, I stored many of my belongings in a storage unit from Storage City. At first I was a little worried, it was my first time with a storage unit, but the staff there really took the time to explain me that their facilities were safe. They answered my questions, and it reassured me.

    And everything was fine, I had easy access to my unit, and nothing bad happened to my belongings! If you can find a place with great service, you have nothing to be worried about.


    Ok, thanks. Maybe I’ll call Storage City, I see that they have a location in Oakville.

    Does anyone know if there are things that you’re not allowed to store in storage units?


    Yeah, there are many things that you can’t store in storage units, for safety reasons, or simply because it’s common sense.

    Of course, you can’t store animals in your unit, alive or dead! Then it’s not recommended to store food, animal food, plants and soil, and scented candles, because these things can attract pests.

    You can’t store products that are flammable, cleaning products, bleach, or pesticides. It’s also not recommended to store items that require batteries, unless you have a temperature controlled unit, because heat or cold can damage these items.

    Well that’s all I can think of for now… But to be sure, you should ask the company before you bring your things in, so they can provide you with a list of things they don’t want you to store in their units. It’s always best to follow their rules.


    Ok, thanks. I’ll do what you said and ask the staff to be sure, but I guess there’s a few things I wanted to store that I won’t be able to.

    Thanks everyone for your answers.

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