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    I’m thinking about renting some pieces of furniture for my new home, because I think it would be less expensive than buying new furniture. Especially since I have a habit of getting tired of my home decor quickly, so if I rent furniture instead of buying it I won’t have to throw it all away whenever I want to replace it with furniture of a different style, I’ll just have to return them and rent new models.

    But I was wondering if it was eco-friendly to rent furniture instead of buying it? I just want to make sure my decision to rent furniture would be a good one for the environment.


    Yeah I think it’s more eco-friendly than buying furniture, especially if you usually throw your furniture away when you don’t want it anymore. When you return your rental furniture, someone else can rent it out, so it’s good for the environment.


    I don’t know if renting furniture is eco-friendly, but I’m pretty sure it’s not less expensive than buying. But anyway, you do what you want with your money…


    Yes, renting furniture is eco-friendly, because the same pieces can be rented over and over again by different people. So less trees and less metal and other materials are being used just to create new furniture.

    So when you rent furniture for your home or your office, you have a smaller impact on the environment.


    I didn’t think of that, but it’s true, it helps save materials!


    Rental furniture is built to last. According to my own experience, I’d say they are a lot more sturdy than anything you could buy in a store. They’re built to last, and easy to maintain, so the rental company can keep them in their inventory and rent them to their customers for a very long time… and if a sofa or a table gets damaged, it will be easy to repair.


    Renting furniture is eco-friendly… but it’s even better when you choose furniture that is built to be eco-friendly!

    Executive Furniture Rentals, for example, is offering Gus modern furniture that is designed in Canada, and created with eco-friendly synthetic down fill made from used plastic bottles. So their furniture keeps used water bottles away from landfills, and it also looks great!

    I’m renting a bed and a sofa in the Gus modern furniture line, and I’m really happy with them so I recommend checking it out!


    That’s amazing, I didn’t know furniture could be made from plastic bottles! It’s a great idea! Thank you for suggesting Executive Furniture Rentals, their website looks really interesting.


    You’re welcome!


    I’ve heard that many manufacturers of rental furniture were using eco-friendly and sustainable materials and paints. So when you choose to rent furniture instead of buying it, you help the environment by supporting those manufacturers who are doing their part to save natural resources.

    So you can have furniture that looks great, while knowing you’re not harming the environment!


    That’s amazing! Thanks everyone for your answers, I’m getting more and more excited about renting my furniture now. I’ll be moving into my new home in a few weeks, so I’m not in a hurry to choose all my furniture yet, but I already saw a few pieces that I absolutely want to get.


    That’s great, but if I were you, I wouldn’t wait. I think it’s best to rent it in advance, and to have it delivered when you need it. This way, you’ll be sure they have what you want in their inventory, you know.

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