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    My little sister wants to know how to become better at ballet. I know she is serious about it, but I have nooooo idea how to help her with this. Total newbie here. Any ideas on some of the things she can do?


    I’m assuming that your sister is already going to ballet classes. Please tell her to keep going as it is important. Nothing quite like having a teacher. She will need to sacrifice a lot of time, especially with her friends. Instill this dedication as early as possible.

    Your sister needs to achieve the right body type through training. She has to take care of her health. Build a strong core. This is important. She must have strong legs, a strong back, strong feet and have flexibility. Ballet may look graceful, but there is a lot of strength in these dancers.


    Whether she trains in class or at home, it’s important to wear the right clothes! It helps to make you look and feel the part. In fact, certain items can even help in improvement.


    If your sister has yet to join a ballet school, look for a school that has experienced teachers. That also means teachers who have danced professionally themselves. Find out if any past students have gone on to become professionals. If you join a ballet school such as this, then your daughter can really improve.

    Training is also important. Train as much as possible as recommended!


    The teachers play a huge role. Some teachers may want to achieve perfection. This is not reasonable, since they are just kids. No teacher should go overboard to the point of demoralising a child.

    Speaking of training, you should go to a dance school like Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre with a good reputation. Having a dedicated teacher in a positive learning environment will be a HUGE asset.


    If you have the money and if your sister is serious and keen enough, why not hire a private teacher? Having the extra practice can help your daughter improve tremendously.

    Following instructions to the point it becomes second nature will help her stay fit and injury-free. Of course, she needs to put in the work. It sounds like she is willing to do that, so that’s good!


    I wonder if you can buy some videos of professionals dancing. Perhaps you could find stuff on YouTube. She can watch and learn how the pros do it.


    In ballet, your sister must train her mind. She has to have the right attitude and be mentally strong. I agree that training extra at home is a good idea too.

    Does she do yoga? I would suggest she try this. I think it will be very beneficial for her. Apart from yoga, she can take acting as well.

    Ballet includes artistic and acting skills. Taking classes for this will improve her ballet by leaps and bounds. Experience in performing can also help. She will be busy, but make sure she has time to relax and have fun too.

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