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    I know that asbestos is dangerous, and I’ve heard that there were alternatives to it for applications where heat resistant materials are needed. I know that fiberglass can be used with the same results as asbestos fibers… What else?


    Well I know that ceramic fibre can be used as a heat resistant material. So ceramic fibre, and fibre glass can replace asbestos, and be better alternatives for health.

    The damages caused by asbestos have been known for many years, so it’s great that there are now alternatives that are much safer.


    There’s silica that can also be used as a heat resistant material. And probably other synthetic fiber as well.


    So it’s always some sort of fiber? I guess that makes sense.


    Yes, because all these heat resistant materials can be used to produce heat resistant tape, ropes, insulation materials, and fire blankets. So it does make sense that these products are made with some kind of fibre, yes.


    I know what fire blankets are, but what is heat resistant tape used for? And heat resistant rope?


    Heat resistant tape can have different applications, mostly industrial applications. It can protect hoses, or other pieces of equipment from fire, or from molten metal splash. If something can get very hot, or come in contact with a flame or with molten metal, heat resistant tape can be used to protect it.

    As for heat resistant rope, I’m not too sure how it’s being used… But if you want to learn more about products made from non-asbestos heat resistant materials, you can check out ADL Insulflex’s website.


    Thank you, that’s very interesting. I checked out their website and I learned a few interesting things. I don’t need that type of products, but I always like to learn about new things, especially when it’s about products that are created to make people’s lives better, and to eliminate health hazards.


    Keeping your equipment from melting or catching fire is also very nice!


    Yes! Even more if you can do that without asbestos materials.


    I’ve heard that asbestos was dangerous, but what is so bad about it? Why does it need to be replaced by other heat resistant materials?


    Well asbestos is a mineral fiber that can be used for many applications. But when those fibers are disturbed, they release tiny particles in the air, and when people breathe these particles, they can become very sick.

    Exposure to asbestos can increase the risks of lung cancer, and other lung diseases. So breathing asbestos is bad, especially if you are exposed to it for a long time.


    I see… But asbestos is not only used for heat resistant materials, right? I think it’s used in many buildings as insulation, and in roof shingles too?


    That’s right. Asbestos can also be found in vinyl floor tiles, textured paint, car brakes, door gaskets… It’s used in many places, but I guess people are getting more and more concerned about the health risks associated with asbestos, which is a good thing. So just like industries are developing alternative heat resistant materials, they must be replacing asbestos with other materials in roof shingles, vinyl tiles, etc.


    Yes, it’s a great thing. My grandfather had lung disease because he has worked in an asbestos mine for many years, so that’s why I got interested in learning more about asbestos, and its alternatives. In a way, it makes me feel closer to him.

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