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    My girlfriend and I have been arguing about whether we should get a futon or a couch and bed. We just moved to a small apartment. She wants to get a couch and bed. I suggested getting a futon. I think it makes more sense since we don’t have a lot of space.

    Here’s where you guys come in. Help me convince her that I’m right and buying a futon is the best solution. In the end though, I am sure she will do whatever she wants, so not sure if there is a point to any of this!


    Typical boyfriend behaviour, always assuming he’s right without considering the other person’s point of view. Have you even asked your girlfriend why she wants a couch and a bed in the apartment? Instead of dismissing her, maybe she has a valid point.


    My advice? Don’t argue with your girlfriend. It’s a futile exercise. Just go with what she wants. She gets what she wants, and she’s happy. You get what she wants, and you’re also happy. It’s for the best. 😊


    Okay, I feel like this discussion is turning into me vs. my girlfriend instead of futons vs. beds. I’m not the bad guy trying to pick a fight with her. I just want to get a futon instead of a bed in our apartment, okay? My relationship isn’t up for debate here.


    For what it’s worth, I do agree with you. In a small apartment, it would make more sense to have one piece of furniture rather than two.


    Futons are cheaper than beds. You will save money because it is like a two-for-one, isn’t it? From a financial perspective, you may be able to convince her because futons are more affordable for a couple.


    I really don’t understand why your girlfriend wants a bed. Is there a particular reason?

    A futon basically does the same thing as a bed, except it has some additional features. Futons can help you save a lot of space.  You can get a futon that is smaller than a couch. You can use it as a bed and then transform it into a couch. That is a great advantage for a small place. It just makes more sense.


    I suspect she wants to put some of her dolls on the bed and I guess they look better on a bed than a futon. She has all these stuffed animals and she used to decorate the bed with them. It’s a little annoying to be honest, because every time you go to bed, we have to put them away first.


    Do people really decorate their beds with dolls??? Is that a thing, ladies?


    Maybe if you finally have a girlfriend, you’ll find out for yourself. 😊


    Years ago, my chiropractor suggested that I sleep on a futon, and I made the switch from normal beds to futons ever since.

    Futons can be comfortable, both to sleep and sit on. It’s also pretty good for your back. Mind you, I don’t think all futons are comfortable. I think you need to shop around and check a few before deciding on a really comfortable one. There’s a cool little shop in Toronto called East West Futons that can help you find the right one.

    Being futon experts, they can give you great advice on comfort, style and other things. They can advise you on what to get so that it goes well with your decor. You can always change things because there are futon covers that can achieve a different look. Maybe you’ll find a futon that goes along with your girlfriend’s dolls as well. 😉


    I see someone beat me to it. I wanted to mention that they can be pretty stylish, so I think your girlfriend will like that!

    You can pick a wooden frame or a metal one. Also, you can update your futon and give it a fresh new look with a new futon cover.


    Futons are super low maintenance and easy to clean, perfect for a couple that doesn’t like to do household chores.

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