Does anyone know anything about how to create mobile forms?

Forums Technology & Science Does anyone know anything about how to create mobile forms?

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    Hi everyone! I’m looking into going paperless for my business and digitize all of our operations as much as possible. We have a few people out on the field at any given time, so I think going digital will be a great benefit.

    We deal with a lot of data collection, so there’s a need for us to create mobile forms to keep track of everything (i.e. feedback, resources, money). Does anyone have any tips or recommendations about how to create forms with mobile technology?


    We actually went through something similar for our business, where we took all our paperwork and documents online.

    Building forms was a simple process with the right software. ProntoForms came highly recommended for us and their mobile forms tools suited our operations to a tee. We didn’t know a lot about coding, but their technology is so simple to use that even novices like us can understand everything easily.

    The best part about their software is that you can incorporate many of their forms into your current systems easily. Their forms are extremely easy to use for data collection as well.





    I used to build these mobile forms from scratch – using free tools that didn’t cost a lot of money. However, their features were limited and I had to spend a lot of time formatting everything.

    I switched over to a professional form building software tool a while ago and it made a huge difference. I saved myself a lot of time, the forms looked a lot better, and there were a lot of helpful features that made everything so much easier.

    The tool I use to build mobile forms uses a drag-and-drop feature. I pick and choose something for my mobile form builder and simply drag it and drop it in. It’s really easy to build fillable forms this way!


    If you’re gonna build forms, here are several components that you need to include:

    1.) Collapsible parts: These are essential. Make sure your sections and subsections have the ability to collapse and expand at the user’s discretion. When you’re creating mobile forms, there’s only a limited space in the screen size, so having collapsible parts will make it easier for someone to navigate the forms.

    2.) Colour-coded buttons: Everything looks better with colours!

    3.) Cloud services: The ability to send and sync your data to different locations is really helpful, especially if your users will be inputting data on the field.


    One neat trick about mobile forms is that you can create rules to perform certain automated actions. For example, if a certain action is performed, it can trigger a response where an action may be required.

    A certain action can alert you to the fact that an email response is now required to be sent to some customers. You can set these rules so you will never make mistakes. With just a few simple clicks, you can make submissions available to certain people. You can make forms that are prefilled with certain tasks that need to be completed.

    Hope that helps!

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