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    I have been told that I need a hearing aid. I have not received one yet, though it is in the works. Before I receive it, I want to know what kind of problems I might encounter. Have any of you had any problems? Can they be resolved quickly?


    I have had problems, but you need to play your part too. It takes a while getting used to this. There is a period of learning and adjustment. Sometimes, it is just a minor issue. If it is causing stress, then let someone know.

    You need to be comfortable with it. If it is not performing, then let whoever prescribed it know what the issue is. Who prescribed this to you?


    So did I. If you encounter anything, let them know. They are helpful and they certainly helped me when I had issues. Remember, you are not on your own. If anything bothers you, let them know.


    OK, will do.


    Make sure to carry spare batteries with you. You can also save battery power by shutting off the hearing aid, especially when you don’t need it. Be smart about it.

    However, you need to get used to how long the batteries last. Believe me, if you walk around with no back up, it can be pretty frustrating when your aid dies on you and you cannot change batteries.

    They are small and do not take up much space. Depending on each person, it can last a few days to maybe a couple of weeks. Always have back up.


    Remember that this is an electronic device. That means it has to be free of moisture. The good thing is, they are built to withstand things like this. This does not mean that it is immune to moisture.

    You can’t wear it in the shower or go diving in the Pacific! Just try to be careful. A little sweat or rain should be OK, but try as best as possible to keep it dry. Moisture can cause it to fall out. However, if it is nice and snug and fitted properly, then don’t worry too much.


    Depending on what kind of hearing aid you get, ear wax can be a problem. You need to keep your ears clean all the time. Bits of ear wax can obstruct the microphone. Remember, it is a sensitive electronic device with minute parts. Ear wax can cause it to not perform properly.

    Apart from taking care of your ears, you should also clean it every time you take it off. This can get rid of some build up. If you take care of the device, then the chances of wax being an issue will be rather slim.


    Sometimes, the hearing aid can make a whistling, squealing noise. In general, I think it is due to the battery power getting lower. It could also be something else.

    It sounds like you are waiting for the aid. I just wanted to say that it helps if you let them know your lifestyle. Then, you can get help in picking the right one. Remember this for next time.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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