Any ideas on how to give wine as a gift?

Forums Life & Family Any ideas on how to give wine as a gift?

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    I would like to give someone a bottle of wine as a gift. I have been invited over to their place. I know they both drink wine, so I figured this will be a good gift.

    However, I also want to impress them, or make an impression on them. I have my reasons (don’t worry, nothing bad). So, how to give wine as a gift so that they feel good?


    There are many ways you can impress someone with a bottle of wine. Well, you could give them a bottle that costs over a thousand dollars! That will impress them, but I guess this is not what you were looking for.

    You could still get them a very expensive bottle of good wine. You could spend about 70 or 80 dollars which is reasonable. I’m sure they will be happy.

    You can tie that with a ribbon or something fancy like that. That way, you don’t even have to wrap it up or place it in anything. I’ve seen some people do that. Try a good bottle of wine and decorate it with a bow.


    There was a time a few years ago I received 2 bottles of wine in a wooden wine box that really impressed me. I still have that box, by the way.

    I was so impressed, I asked my friend where he got it and he told me it was from Ekan Concepts Inc. Since then, I have always gifted wine using their custom boxes. I decided to personalize it and it was really simple, because you can add the criteria right on their website. You can pick the size, shape, colour or shade.

    You should go take a look at their website. You actually have the ability to make your own box using their website. You could also use what they have on offer. The company manufactures beautiful wooden wine boxes that would make a nice gift even on its own! There are cylindrical wine boxes, ones with sliding lids, hinge lids and a few more. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and the company were so helpful. If you want to impress your friends, you should check them out. They will know you went that extra mile for them.


    You can present them with other things along with the wine. Show them that you made an effort. You could place a bottle of wine in a gift basket and throw in a few things to boot. For example, you can place a couple of wine glasses in there, place a packet of nuts, add some gourmet cheese, scented candles, chocolates or some bath products.

    Of course, you don’t have to put everything I mentioned. Just a couple of things would be fine, I think. Make it look colourful. You can also add grapes. Once you place everything, you can add some decoration to it, like a striking ribbon, or make a large bow. Make sure to use some of that special straw to line it. Keep the items secure.

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